Date Added: 26th November 2014

Newmarket Sausage Wins EU Protection

The long awaited news that The Newmarket Sausage has become the 50th UK regional speciality product to gain protected status. The ‘PGI’ or ‘Protected Geographical Indication’ means our famous sausage can only be made in a defined area to strict specifications. This puts the Newmarket Sausage on a par with the Cornish Pasty, Melton Mowbray pork pie and Cumberland Sausage, as well as within the wider EU with Parma Ham and Champagne. Grant Powter of Powters said:’I am delighted that this regional food product has now gained theĀ protection it deserves by virtue of the quality and reputation which have been traditionally attributed to the making of sausages in Newmarket for over 160 years.’