Low Fat Sausage Diet Success

Posted 01/12/2014

Congratulations to Janet and Adrian of Solihull who between them lost 5 stone whilst still enjoying our Low Fat Sausages!

They have had difficulty finding supplies when not visiting East Anglia and so as a thankyou for their support and their inspiring poetry (sample below) we sent them a free case.

'...And I will continue with my great ambition, To get Powters low fat in every kitchen, For me and my man, on our continuing diet Its a winner for sure and everyone should try it Between us we've lost 5 stone and a half And its been quite gruelling, not much of a laugh But your low fat sausage has made it a pleasure So don't stop making it, its a recipe to treasure And I'll write and I'll shout that us living down here Should have Powters in sackfuls for all to share And maybe this small voice will hit the right ear But in the meantime, I guess its mail order from here!'

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Low Fat Sausage Diet Success