UNIQUE family recipe since 1881

  • Now a PGI (Protected Food Name) protected throughout the EU and can only be made to our specification in a strictly defined local area around Newmarket in our own factory in small batches.
  • Made with only hand trimmed pork from British farms.
  • Prime cuts including leg, loin and shoulder are used to make our sausages – NOT by-products!
  • Natural pork casings.
  • Freshly made to order daily in SMALL BATCHES.

Meat content in sausages is not the only factor in determining quality, nor is it the secret to a winning sausage recipe – it is the quality of the meat used (for example lean meat and prime cuts).

The best sausages are the ones in which all the ingredients work together to create a balanced, succulent and well-textured recipe which tastes superb.